Once upon a time, there was an idea, seeming to be very utopian.

Why not do a flight with a helicopter from Switzerland to Brazil? Landing on my Fazenda « Bougainville » and meet my whole adoptive family, my brother of heart of the Brazilian Air Force?

Robinson R44 goes to Brazil, Why not?….. We can!

So, join us on our big adventure and share with us all our experiences.


René Schmidlin & Paul Campiche

*** project canceled ***

After having crossed France, the Channel and Great Britain, after a stop in Wick and progressing over the Faroe Islands, we reached Iceland. Since about 10 days, from Isafjördur at the top North end of Iceland, we have been checking the weather conditions for a safe crossing over to Greenland. Both for the Northern part of Iceland as for the Eastern part of Greenland, forecast conditions for the coming days are not encouraging, considering that we have to fly 345 NM over water (4h15 min) to reach Kulusuk in Greenland. Based on our available technical and logistical resources, and after thourough consideration, we have taken the difficult decision to interrupt project „R44 goes Brazil“, to safeguard the pilots integrity as well as the helicopter.
As soon as practicable, the helicopter will fly back to the Eastern part of Iceland, and from there shall be ferried to the Northern part of Denmark, from where it will fly back to Neuchatel / Switzerland.