Support us as a sponsor

Such a project also requires a very high financial effort. Like many other projects, we need some kindly sponsors too. You have the possibility to support 2 different projects.

The first possibility is to support our flight from Switzerland to Brazil

  • Budget Travel: CHF 150’000, Investments since April 2016: CHF 24’000
  • You have the possibility to support our project with the logo of your company.

For more detailed information on our project, please refer to the documentation « Sponsoring » Documents Sponsoring

The second possibility is to support our project Dona Gercina.

Financial support:

« Projeto DONA GERCINA »
CH-2014 St- Aubin-Sauges / Switzerland
IBAN: CH08 0900 0000 1423 9318 9
Postal Account: 14-239318-9

If you need more informations, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

These sponsors are present on our flight

  • ROTORTEC AG, Technical Helicopter Services for Central Europe
    Rütiweg 2558, 9423 Altenrhein, Switzerland

  • 3D-Blitz, Rapid Prototyping
    Dünnernstrasse 34, 4702 Oensingen, Switzerland