Support us as a sponsor

Such a project also requires a very high financial effort. Like many other projects, we need some kindly sponsors too. You have the possibility to support 2 different projects.

The first possibility is to support our flight from Switzerland to Brazil

  • Budget Travel: CHF 150’000, Investments since April 2016: CHF 24’000
  • You have the possibility to support our project with the logo of your company.

For more detailed information on our project, please refer to the documentation “Sponsoring” Documents Sponsoring

The second possibility is to support our project Dona Gercina.

Financial support:

CH-2014 St- Aubin-Sauges / Switzerland
IBAN: CH08 0900 0000 1423 9318 9
Postal Account: 14-239318-9

If you need more informations, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

These sponsors are present on our flight

  • ROTORTEC AG, Technical Helicopter Services for Central Europe
    Rütiweg 2558, 9423 Altenrhein, Switzerland

  • 3D-Blitz, Rapid Prototyping
    Dünnernstrasse 34, 4702 Oensingen, Switzerland